LINO Stake(LS)

Different from LINO, LS is designed for long-term supporters of the network and is non-transferrable. LS is a feature designed in the Lino blockchain whereby, by staking LINO into LS, holders can

  1. participate in the governance system and propose and vote on parameter changes and system upgrade proposals relating to network features.

  2. vote on validator election.

  3. become an App developer, or a validator.

The participation in the Lino blockchain network is expected to become more decentralized as more people hold LS. Major decisions relating to network features will be voted on by LS holders under the governance system.

Voting Rewards

LS holders will be able to get Voting Rewards based on their contributions to the network when they vote on proposals or validator election. Voting Rewards are paid out daily from the 9.9% of donations and paid subscriptions on all Lino Apps.


Stake In: Stake In is the process of converting LINO to LS, which is instant.

Stake Out: Stake Out is the process of converting LS to LINO. It takes 12 weeks to convert LS back to LINO.